רענן פרסקי, עו"ד

Raanan Persky, Esq. 

עורך דין
עורך דין מסחרי מנוסה עם רישיונות לעריכת דין בארה"ב ובישראל.
ניסיון רב בניהול עסקאות מגוונות עם דגש על עסקאות רכישה, מימון ומכירה של נכסי מקרקעין בארצות הברית ובישראל ובייצוג משקיעים ישראליים בבחינה ובביצוע של עסקאות השקעה בנכסי מקרקעין בארצות הברית.

יעוץ משפטי ואסטרטגי

המלצות של לקוחות ושל קולגות עמם עבדתי במהלך השנים:

Paul H. Schieber
Partner at Stevens & Lee
In my 35 years of legal and professional experience, I have encountered few people with Raanan Persky's ability to analyze legal issues and business problems and who possess such a fine sense of Detail, patience and dedication. He has an uncanny ability to zero in on key issues and the economics of transactions. At meetings he is often the last to leave as he identifies issues missed by others and insists on clear explanationa. He demonstrates great sensitivity to client concerns and needs. I benefited greatly and enjoyed even more, having him on my team.

May 28, 2014, Paul worked directly with Raanan at Blank Rome LLP

דן ילון
מנכ"ל  Yalon R.E Group LLC
עו"ד רענן פרסקי מלווה אותנו בעסקאות הנדל"ן שאנו מבצעים בארה"ב. החל מכתיבת תקנונים לחברות ה- LLC שאנו פותחים להשקעות שלנו. ממשיך בפיקוח על תהליך הרכישה המתבצע בארה"ב, בדיקת תקנוני חברה הרוכשת את הנכסים, ניהול חשבונות נאמנות לטובת המשקיעים שלנו ובעצם ניהול כל הצד המשפטי הכרוך בביצוע עסקאות נדל"ן בארה"ב. אנו מאד מרוצים מעבודתו של רענן, קפדנותו, תגובתו המהירה, האכפתיות, המקצועיות ומעל לכל האנושיות. בהחלט ממליץ מאד להיעזר בשרותיו.
28 באפריל, 2014, דן ילון הנו לקוח
Albert Cahana
CEO at Herbal Water, Inc.
Raanan works with extreme dedication and thinks clearly through strategic decisions. He has tenacity, attention to details, and honesty & integrity in his dealing with our stakeholders. A pleasure to work with for almost 4 years!
April 26, 2013, Albert was Raanan's client
Oren Hon
CEO of Elad national properties LLC
I've worked with Raanan very closely. Raanan exhibits not only a relentless work ethic but a clear understanding of how to balance legal matters with proper business decisions. Raanan manages to see the forest through the trees and present constructive alternative for management to follow. A strong “out of the box” thinker and a great team player.
March 25, 2013, Oren managed Raanan at El-Ad National Properties LLC
Karen Kondell
Shareholder at Akerman Senterfitt
I have worked with Mr. Persky in his capacity as in-house counsel for a significant US development company. He has superb skills in the management of transactions and analysis of legal risks. Most importantly, he was able to develop quickly and master an understanding of the substance and requirements of the business. As a result, his judgment was invaluable. His ability to collaborate with outside counsel created greater efficiencies and better outcomes. He would be a tremendous asset in any corporate environment.
August 9, 2012, Karen was with another company when working with Raanan at El-Ad National Properties LLC
Mitch Sinberg
Senior Vice President - South Florida Manager at Berkadia
Raanan is a gifted attorney who has performed successfully time and time again on closing complex real estate transactions both on the acquisition, disposition, restructure and finance side. Raanan has a "never give up" attitude which is invaluable when attempting to find solutions to challenges experienced during a closing. Additionally, being bi-lingual and fluent in both English and Hebrew gives him a very unique set of capabilities. I highly recommend him.
August 8, 2012, Mitch was a consultant or contractor to Raanan at El-Ad National Properties LLC
Michael Medveckus
Partner at Blank Rome LLP
I have worked with Raanan on major corporate transactions as well as several routine business law matters. He has superior analytical skills and exhibits a genuine interest in learning about businesses and devising realistic solutions to legal and business problems. I find his professional approach to be earnest, unflappable, forthright and thorough. On a personal level, he is very perceptive and accommodating to diverse personalities.
April 15, 2009, Michael worked directly with Raanan at Blank Rome LLP
Roy Sagi
Senior Global Program Manager, Enterprise at Google
Raanan was a visionary, and task-oriented Boss. He enabled me to develop and was a great teacher and coach.
July 19, 2009, Roy reported to Raanan at E. S. Shimron, I. Molho, Persky and Co.
Gil Ephrati
Attorney at E.S. Shimron, I. Molho, Persky & Co.
I have known Raanan since our high-school days. He is not only very bright, responsible and a concientious worker, but is also blessed with both attention to details and a capability for analyzing the "big picture". Raanan's experience in various fields of law, his background in both Israeli and US law and his past practice in the two jurisdictions will make him a valuable asset for any employer.
April 11, 2009, Gil worked with Raanan at E. S. Shimron, I. Molho, Persky and Co.
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